Services for Webmasters offers a number of services for webmasters or managers of high-traffic websites. These include:

  • Generating revenue from your visitors: We offer site managers the opportunity to earn revenue from their visitors by carrying banner advertisements of These are compensated through our Affiliate Program, a win-win partnership whereby the user flow is measured and compensated through a proportionate fee. You will have direct access to a control panel where you can see your results and earnings on a daily basis. Furthermore, you will be able to boost your revenue by changing the position of our ads on your site.

  • Offering content to your visitors: We provide a real-time feed of jobs across Iran which you can include on your site. This requires zero investment and takes minutes to set up, but can increase visitor loyalty and repeat visits to your site, as well as generate revenue.

  • Reciprocal link exchange: We offer websites the opportunity to exchange links with us, thereby driving traffic and visitors to each others websites. enjoys over 600,000 visits per month, representing a great deal of potential traffic to your site. To sign up for this exchange, please complete a Reciprocal Link Request form.

For more information or to discuss how your site may benefit from these services, feel free to contact us.