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Senior Marketing Manager

Solico Group (Kalleh)

Posted 3 days ago

Job Description

● Managing, leading, and organizing the marketing department. ● Participating, and cooperating in defining the strategy of the marketing department. ● Determining policy and directing digital marketing. ● Brand management control - including main brands and sub-brands - Solico Group and brand awareness - focusing on positioning and other factors affecting them. ● Managing marketing projects at the group level and marketing units. ● Finding and providing regional or international sales channels with optimal performance levels in achieving sales goals. ● Identifying brands, opportunities, and markets with the ability to develop regionally and internationally and determine the sales potential in each sector and present them at the group level and to the group's businesses. ● Identifying and presenting products that can be developed at the regional and international level to the sales and businesses of Solico Group, with the aim of meeting the needs of customers and consumers through the product. ● Participating, and cooperating with the sales team and businesses in the segmentation of wide geographical markets into separate regions. ● Discovering and suggesting areas of income and guiding production and sales goals. ● Participating, and cooperating with related units for the marketing budget. ● Preparing and presenting analyzes related to competitive information. ● Controlling and supervising the development of appropriate social media website messages. ● Participating, cooperating in defining pricing strategies, paying attention to cultural considerations, and considering suitable packaging designs in each department. ● Monitoring customers' feelings about products or services offered in the market.


● 15 years of work experience related to marketing management (preferably in dairy or food companies at the domestic and international level and at the scale of the Solico Group and product variety). ● ISCED level 7 = Master's degree in Business Management, Executive Management, Industrial Engineering, or other related fields; or an MBA graduate. ● Professional English skills.

Employment Type

  • Full Time