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Iran Salary Report 2018

Iran Salary Report is a worthy annual report for both employers and candidates. it shows the amount a candidate should be paid or an employer should offer to a qualified candidate based on the related marked and industry facts and figures.

Career path 2017

Career path is practical tool for students, fresh graduates and juniors to find their best professional career. it enlightens your way and paves the way to a better future.

Province Salary Tool

Province Salary Tool provides extensive salary information in Iran provinces (excluding Tehran). It absolutely helps you to get paid fairly by offering the required statistics.



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Mahsa Kianian

Vitana Holding

Why are we happy with IranTalent's Services? They help us to find experts in the easiest way possible. For example, during last year there were 70 job opportunities in our company and we hired 25 experts and managers through IranTalent. The result? We were satisfied, like always.

Mr. Khodayari


Considering our type of activity which is oil and petrochemicals, recruiting experienced managers and experts has always been challenging for us. However, unlike other recruitment channels, IranTalent's services have always been helpful in our hiring process. Thanks to its professionals’ profiles.

Farnaz Fakhrabadi

Hafez Varesh Iranian

Being located in rural regions (Shahre-e Qods or Parand City) has always been a great obstacle in our recruitment process. This is exactly where IranTalent proved itself. It was exciting for us to find many committed experts from IranTalent database living in nearby cities. .

Amir Golab

PartoNab Electronic