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Art Director

Shila Fast Food Co.

Posted 17 hours ago

Job Description

● Oversee visual management implementation in all branches. ● Oversee visual management of branding and packaging. ● Participation in branding and advertisement strategic work. ● Continuous evaluation of the competitive position of the brand and the brand image among interested parties, using the company's resources or market research contractors. ● Evaluation, selection, and supervision of contractors regarding branding, design, advertising, and market research to obtain desired outcomes. ● Evaluation and supervision of printing contractors. ● Public relations overseeing. ● Content production and social media overseeing. ● Constant effort to improve internal branding.


● Active, progressive, creative, and committed. ● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising or MBA. ● Minimum 4 years of experience as Art director. ● Knowledge of branding, marketing, advertisement, and digital marketing. ● Knowing of corporate identity or graphic design. ● Capable of teamwork and leading a team.