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Drilling Supervisor

Pasargad Exploration & production (Pasargad E&P)

Posted a day ago

Job Description

● Monitoring drilling operation. ● Performing works on exploration, production, and drilling of Work-Over wells. ● Recommending techniques and methods of improvement to increase efficiency and adaptability in drilling operations. ● Ensuring maximum safety in drilling operations. ● Planning drilling activities in the shortest time with an emphasis on safety. ● Analyzing drilling operations. ● Supervising all drilling services activities performed by subcontractors ● Supervising all drilling operations performed by contractors. ● Responsible for starting drilling operations and drilling rig. ● Mitigating the operation failure and waiting and preparing the relevant failure reports. ● Taking required measures and provide methods for optimizing the use of materials and tools. ● Responsible for preparing daily drilling reports. ● At the end of drilling operations, completing and submitting different reports. ● Suggesting solutions to prevent operational problems. ● Conducting the drilling operations in and safe and environmentally manner. ● Responsible for the implementation of all engineering and operational programs and procedures.


● Education: Petroleum, Chemical, Mechanical, or Mining Engineering. ● Field of Experience: drilling operation, drilling operation supervisor. ● Experience in years: 10 years. ● IADC WELL CAP, IWCF4, HSE Certification, H2S Certification. ● Proficiency in English. ● Having a spirit of cooperation and teamwork. ● Ability to judge and make decisions in technical matters. ● Ability to control stress. ● Full familiarity with Microsoft Office software. ● Problem-solving ability.