About Dina Group (Pepsi)

DINA Soft Drinks Industry Group - Pepsi is as the exclusive manufacture (Franchisee) of International Pepsi Coal Company by having high-speed and unpiloted production lines with the world technology as a producer of Carbonated Beverages in a variety of different flavors such as the Pepsi ,Pepsi Max (Dietetic sugarless) Miranda (Orange, Strawberry & Lemon) , 7up and also Mountain Dew .
This group by taking advantage of modern laboratory equipment and experienced personnel, quality control and high quality products to Iranian consumers always has its own top priority. The sales team of Dina Soft Drinks Group included great fleet transportation , committed personnel and selling centers in central regions, Northern, Southern and Eastern in Iran country wide are in charge for marketing and retail selling of Pepsi products. The medium-term an objective of the Dina Soda Group is planning for more diverse of the unveiling new products and packaging in the world.

Current Vacancies

1 .   Regional Sales Manager - Isfahan Isfahan, Iran 01 Jan 2018
2 .   Branch Manager - BandarAbbas Bandar Abbas, Iran 01 Jan 2018
3 .   Branch Manager - Ahwaz Ahwaz, Iran 01 Jan 2018

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