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The objective of the role: ● Help F&B director to lead, Implement and maintain F&B sales or marketing program. ● Help the F&B director to keep the cost of food and beverage at the optimum level according to the standards of the Hotel. ● Responsible for overseeing and directing restaurants and banquets. In order to guarantee a quality service, according to the strategy of Espinas Hotel Group. Duties and responsibilities: ● Direct and oversee the development of employees in talars. ● Coordinate food and beverage operations with other hotel departments to ensure efficient guest service. ● Resolve customer complaints as appropriate to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and quality. ● Implement procedures to increase guest and staff associate satisfaction. ● Maintain Espina's standards of service and ensure their implementation. ● Maintain communications with staff. ● Coach and counsel employees to reflect on Espina's service standards and procedures. ● Participate with management in defining the mission and general objectives of the department. ● Implement the operating policies of the F&B sections. ● Help the director of F&B to elaborate and controls the investment plans in the sections, studies, proposes, and select technical proposals related to the decoration, structuring of spaces and equipment; according to the budget, the desires of the clients, the purpose and characteristics of the establishment and the competition. ● Participate in the management of human resources assigned to the department - selection, performance evaluation, the definition of training needs, motivation campaigns, and incentives. ● Supervise the provision of services to clients in order to guarantee quality, intervening whenever necessary with them. ● Ensure compliance with all procedures defined for the F&B sections. ● Select and sometimes participates in the negotiation of the acquisition of equipment or products. ● Analyze and evaluate the results of the customer satisfaction questionnaire, levels of productivity, and quality and propose corrective measures. ● Participate in the review meetings of the quality and environmental management system. ● Participate in the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) team and in the implementation of the system. ● Coordinate, and supervise the implementation of the department's procedures and sensitizes its employees on issues related to the quality and environmental management system. ● Evaluate employee performance. ● Seek to promote the images and services of the hotel and the group with different types of clients. ● Service philosophy, strategic and operating service delivery systems must be observed and implemented at all times. ● Review all the monthly events and arrange for the casual staff he might need for each event daily and inform the HR department about it. ● Be in touch with the casual companies to find the best casual team with the best price as well as being on time. ● Create a culture of maximum achievement of department and hotel balanced scorecard KIPs.


● Demonstrated ability to effectively interact with people of diverse socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds. ● More than four years of progressive hotel food and beverage experience; at least 3 years of experience in a supervisory role in a food and beverage environment. ● Service-oriented style with professional presentation skills. ● Proven leadership skills. ● Clear concise written and verbal communication skills in English. ● Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.