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Production Manager

Zarrin Roya

MarkaziPosted 18 hours ago

Job Description

● Upgrade, develop and increase efficiency production. List of responsibilities: ● Establish the necessary coordination and planning in relation to the duties and responsibilities of the supervised parts. ● Analysis of approved programs and policies of production and review and determination of necessary facilities for the implementation of the presented programs. ● Receive the production plan from the planning unit and separating the program into time periods according to manpower, working time, production capabilities. ● Coordinate and supervising the receipt of materials and items required for production from the planning unit and warehouses, as well as the delivery of the product to them. ● Supervise the correct and principled operation of production lines according to standards. ● Analyze the results of the implementation of programs in order to ensure the progress of affairs according to the program and eliminate possible shortcomings and problems. ● Carry out the necessary studies and studies regarding the improvement of the production system in different sectors and increasing the statistics of production products. ● Supervise and control the activity of machinery and production equipment and ensure their accurate operation according to the set standards and try to eliminate the defects of the devices in coordination with the maintenance and technical repairs. ● Partnership and cooperation with the research and development unit to improve and optimize the methods and process of production and production of new products.


● University qualifications: Industrial engineering, Technical engineering ● Other certifications obtained: ISO 9001, organizational excellence model (EFQM 2013), Mastery of GMP principles and regulations. ● Nature and length of previous experience: 2 years experience as product manager in a FMCG company and 5 years experience as Head of Production in the FMCG company. ● Specialist knowledge: IT literacy, skills in Excel and the ability to handle electronic data and understanding of risk management, complete mastery and skills in understanding the production process, production machinery and equipment and product production standards, Keep the production system up to date. ● Soft skills and personality traits: strong planning skills, good time management, with the ability to work under pressure, maintain accuracy and meet the deadlines, excellent communication skills. ● Ability to lead and motivate a team, leadership and adaptability.

Job Categories

  • Production
  • Technician

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  • Full Time


  • Experienced professional