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The Mine Geologist is responsible for ore control, pit design modifications, field analysis, slope stability and documentation, drill scheduling, sampling, surveying, weekly map production, monthly progress, and miscellaneous drafting and map generation. - KEY AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY & DUTIES Establish protocols for logging chip and core, Develop preliminary designs and assist with map generation with other departments, Acquire and compile progress of the leach pad and pits on a weekly basis and monitor potential failure zones, Provide necessary geologic interpretation, planning, communication and coordination to meet established goals in efficient manner, Establish blast hole drilling priorities and procedures, Ensure sampling methods are systematic & efficient, Survey and provide current and accurate maps to mine operations, Verify the accuracy of survey data including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites, Responsible and accountable for the performance, and compliance of mine site safety and environmental policies and procedures for all personnel and vendors, Participate in Planned General Inspections, Provide safety and environmental leadership by always setting a good example, This role requires frequent interaction with department employees, supervision, management and vendors to provide assistance, service, support and for problem resolution as needed, Ability to build trust and develop positive working relationships with site personnel and regulatory agencies.


- MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of 5 years of experience in open-pit mining, Bachelors of Science degree in geology or equivalent related field experience, Knowledge of the regulatory requirements for mining is required - ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILL REQUIREMENTS: Demonstrated personal commitment to safe work practices, Strong computer skills, including thorough understanding of mine planning software, AutoCAD and ArcGIS, Strong time management skills with the ability to work to tight deadlines and team work, fluent in English.

About Company

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BEM was founded in 2011 under the name of NGS Co. which its main purpose was to research and develop scientific methods for industrial aims. One of its most successful products was founding and establishing the new method of broadband electromagnetic frequency domain geophysical VLF method. In 2016 NGS Co. has changed its goal to focus on BEM technology and change its name to BEM TECH. BEM method is a strong approach for investigation of subsurface structures which is using complicate elements of electromagnetic components of subsurface particle reaction to electromagnetic wave in VLF band. BEM group do to its unique technology has provided to shallow and deep ground water exploration, metallic and nonmetallic exploration, fault detection and any anomaly exist in subsurface worldwide. Also BEM group is eager to invest cooperate and join in profitable mining projects which is in phase of ...

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