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Job Description

● To liaise with all EB functions to ensure accurate implementation of Enterprise Business initiatives. ● To assist the line manager in reviewing and proposing updates on the division’s 5-year business plan. ● To prepare a detailed listing of all B2B drivers on the EB plan to maximize revenue generation. ● To prepare a dashboard of EB plans and also provide updates regarding the progress of plans. ● To gather various inputs affecting the EB plans, and prepare and provide related reports. ● To analyze costs and provide related profitability reports for MTNIrancell’s B2B portfolio. ● To provide regular reports on EB financial performance through management and operational dashboards. ● To analyze the EB budget and provide related reports. ● To support management in the preparation of the divisional budget in full compliance with the Finance division’s rules and policies. ● To regularly review and apply updates to the division’s 5-year business plan. ● To ensure cost efficiency through applying real-time budget control.


● Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Finance, Marketing, Communications) or related fields. ● At least 3 years of experience in the area of specialization. ● Experience in working in a medium or large organization.