Sales Manager



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Job Description

● Proposing sales improvement solutions to superiors. ● Face-to-face negotiation with clients to introduce properties. ● Influencing sales channels in a common pattern. ● Identifying, evaluating, and selecting suitable land and real estate for purchase, sale, getting permission, and clearing at the best price. ● Checking the reports and monitoring the performance of the sales agents. ● Following up to deliver properties, residential, commercial, and office units to customers according to the agreed schedule. ● Analyzing the housing market continuously. ● Comparison and benchmarking of the building sales industry. ● Communicating with marketing for effective advertising of products. ● Checking the status of achieving goals and plans related to the unit on a continuous basis through received reports. ● Identifying risks and opportunities related to sales and trying to control them. ● Competitors' analysis in the construction industry in terms of sales processes. ● Comparing and reviewing market rates for special pricing planning. ● Preparing and formulating sales strategies and key indicators of product sales. ● Identifying new customers. ● Regional market research to identify the land and discover the price. ● Supervising the signing of contracts and fixing existing defects. ● Renting and selling second-hand products. ● Establishing proper communication with real estate consultants. ● Location: Jordan St. ● Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 5 pm.


● Familiarity with the construction industry. ● Familiarity with finance, accounting, and statistics. ● Familiarity with construction materials and products. ● Familiarity with data analysis software. ● Familiarity with the preparation and conclusion of contracts. ● Familiarization with the principles and rules of transactions in the Islamic Republic of Iran. ● Familiarization with reading documents. ● Familiarity with advertising techniques and answering the phone. ● Ability to be a property expert and price expert. ● Ability to sell using social media. ● Ability to score large contracts. ● Proficient in legal points in writing affidavits and leases. ● Proficient in reading the details of building plans.

Employment Type

  • Full Time



Employment type

  • Full Time


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