Metering Station/CAL Engineer

ZN Vostok (ZNV)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Control all instrumentation and automatization (measurement instrumentation, control, and shut-off valves). ● Ensures that the field operates and complies with HSE rules and regulations of IRI as well as the ZNV/KNGP HSE IMS. ● Control and ensure timely order of necessary reagents, equipment, spare parts, transportation, and other necessary materials for work and issuing appropriate WSR. chemical reagent usage (the use of commercial reagents, chemical and analytical control of oilfield processes, the properties of the produced fluid, and complications in the extraction, preparation, and transportation of Oil). ● Ensure smooth execution of production plans, and takes preventive measures to avoid and eliminate violations in the production process. ● Participate in the commissioning of work performed by contractors, service organizations, and personnel of the installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and technical devices. ● Maintain and repair Metering Station/CAL at Oil and Gas production facilities at an expert level. Installation and commissioning of related equipment at oil and gas facilities. ● Provide audits and inspections including leadership safety audits. ● Prepare and provide statistical, managerial, and other required reports. ● Perform any related tasks as assigned.


● Bachelor's or Master's degree in related fields. ● Relevant professional certification or a postgraduate program is preferred. ● At least 1 year of managerial experience in relevant professional areas; 5 years of professional experience; 3 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry. ● Experience in international projects is a plus. ● Fluent in operational thinking. ● Fluent in analytic and operation skills. ● Fluent in prompt and informed decision-making. ● Ability to establish professional communication. ● Knowledge of psychology and methods of managing people. ● Ability to negotiate. ● High level of skills in monitoring the implementation of tasks.

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