Market Research Expert

Entekhab Group


Posted a month ago

Job Description

● Meeting and liaising with clients to negotiate and agree on research projects. ● Formulating plans or proposals to present to senior management. ● Writing and managing the distribution of surveys and questionnaires. ● Briefing interviewers and researchers. ● Liaising with and managing survey staff. ● Conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys, which may involve field, interview, or focus group assessments. ● Monitoring the progress of research projects. ● Analyzing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions, including surveys and focus group transcripts. ● Writing detailed reports and presenting results. ● Advising clients or senior management on how to best use research findings. ● Managing budgets. ● Managing and organizing information with statistical software and conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys. ● Remaining fully informed on market trends, other parties research and implement best practices.


● Fluent in Arabic. ● At least Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and other related fields. ● More than three years of experience in marketing or related fields. ● Excellent knowledge of statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, or similar), databases, and MS Office. ● Possess search engines, web analytics, and business research tools acumen. ● Strong communication and presentation skills. ● Working knowledge of CRM programs. ● Adequate knowledge of data collection methods (polls, focus groups, surveys, etc.). ● Strong analytical and critical thinking.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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