Manufacturing Manager

Danone Qazvin

Posted a month ago

Job Description

As a manufacturing manager at Danone Dairy, you will have a critical role in leading daily manufacturing operational efficiency and achieving KPIs, utilizing available resources and opportunities in production processes, ensuring manufacturing processes are respected to safety and quality standards, and driving continuous improvement.



  • Ensure manufacturing excellence works well with the right track in the plant and people's contributions.
  • Address quality requirements working, following, updating, and implementing well in the plant (product and process release, feedback on consumer complaint, Support) and contribute in R&I trials and tests performing by cross-functional team contributions and root cause analysis action plan follow-up by functions.


  • Drive efficient factory operation, resource planning, development, recognition, and utilization, and lines utilizations continuously are growing.

Cost and Budget Management:

  • Cost and budget management, cost analysis, and cost optimization in manufacturing with a focus on CAPEX, OPEX, and improvement project fulfillment in the plant in terms of budget and deadlines.
  • Make sure the cost of maintenance and production is aligned with the allocated budget for materials, spare parts, etc.
  • Manage utility consumption in the factory.
  • Provide a list of factory CAPEX/investment manufacturing projects on a yearly basis by working with internal and external teams to finalize and approve.

Project Management:

  • Manage energy and water consumption by defining the environmental projects and road maps in manufacturing.
  • Review and finalize project pipelines in the manufacturing provided by performance.
  • Provide and present manufacturing performance results, targets, challenges, way forwards, and supports in different platforms.
  • Monitor all manufacturing activities to be aligned with safety policy.
  • Ensure and track safety routines by the manufacturing team's contributions in the right direction and implementing well in the plant (reporting safety observations, WISE and 12SB actions, and assessment) and provide required safety supports for functions in the factory.


  • At least a Bachelor's degree in Food Industry, or Management.
  • 10 years of experience in manufacturing; at least 5 years of experience in a manufacturing company in the dairy industry as a manufacturing manager and experience in cost optimization and OE improvement.
  • Expert in continuous excellence and dairy products.
  • Good command of English skills, speaking, and communication.
  • Familiar with autonomous maintenance.
  • Understand the manufacturing process mastership.
  • Can do the budget management and analysis.
  • Familiar with CAPEX project management.
  • Capability of working in different and challenging environments with cross-functional teams.

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