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Job Description

The objective of the role: Site Manager of the water distribution network, sewage collection, and transmission line project workshop. List of responsibilities: ● Trying to achieve project management goals and reporting to senior management. ● Submitting a proposal to improve the performance of the workshop to the project manager. ● Detailed study of the provisions of the contract between the company and the employer. ● Complete coordination with the project manager to carry out follow-up matters. ● Anticipating and preparing all necessary documents and instructions for implementation and communication with other departments of the project and the employer. ● Providing reports on the status of different parts of the project to the project manager. ● Planning for the implementation of executive activities in the workshop and announcing to the relevant units. ● Coordination for the time attendance and discharge of executives on the site. ● Cooperation with the HSE unit in identifying the HSE risks of the project and managing them. ● Investigating non-compliant cases of project implementation and reporting it to the project manager to determine the assignment. ● Approving the costs related to the project and follow up to charge the salary. ● Ensuring the correct documentation of all workshop documents. ● Preparation of location and layout plan of the workshop to be presented to senior management for approval. ● Managing the operation of equipping and dismantling the workshop. ● Management of assets in the project. ● Human resource management in the project. ● Establish regular and continuous relationships with the employer, consultant, supervisor, and project contractors. ● Checking the statuses related to the project. ● Follow up on sending statements to the employer and obtaining approvals. ● Cooperation in identifying contractors and reviewing their resumes. ● Cooperation in reviewing the draft contracts of contractors and reviewing their resumes. ● Request to change/create documentation and send it to the systems analysis department. ● Performing other duties assigned by superiors. ● Reporting to: Project Manager. ● Subordinates: All site project agents. ● Probation period: 1 Month. ● Working hours: 24 days in the project, 6 days off. ● Travel requirements: Depending on the case. ● Gross monthly base salary: Between 16 and 24 million Tomans. ● Commission, bonus, and benefits: Based on the judgment of the project manager and on a case-by-case basis.


● At least a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. ● At least five years of work experience. ● Proficient in general and specialized software in one's own engineering field. ● Ability to manage all the contracting workshop items in the water project.

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