Executive Manager

Parseh Amin Paytakht international institute


Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

● Develop high-quality business strategies and plans and ensure their alignment with short-term, long-term, and long-term goals. ● Guide subordinates and motivate them to promote interaction between employees and form a team with high managerial performances. ● Supervise all operations and business activities to ensure the desired results in them, as well as compliance with the overall strategy and mission of the company. ● Adherence to legal guidelines and internal policies to continue the process of corporate legality and business ethics. ● Review financial and non-financial reports to achieve the necessary solutions and reforms. ● Establish trust-based relationships with CEOs, key partners, and stakeholders. ● Analyze difficult situations and events and provide solutions to ensure the survival and growth of the company. ● Provide management reports.


● Have a professional degree in Business Administration, Executive Management (EMBA) or related fields. ● Having experience in the position of executive director of service companies. ● Experience in developing profitable strategies and implementing the vision. ● Have a thorough understanding of company finance and performance management principles. ● Familiarity with various business functions, such as marketing, public relations, finance, etc. ● In-depth knowledge of the best practices of public management. ● Having an entrepreneurial mindset with remarkable organizational and leadership skills. ● Have the ability to analyze and problem-solving skills. ● Have excellent communication and general speaking skills.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


Employment type

  • Full Time


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