Senior Business Development Specialist

ديجي کالا


زمان انتشار ۳ ماه پیش

Job Description

Digikala is in constant and fast evolution in order to serve millions customers at best. Business Development team aspires to enhance the organizational effectiveness and transform the business of Digikala through design, implementation, and improvement of the vision, strategies, systems, processes, and policies of Digikala. In this role, you are responsible for identifying opportunities to enter new markets, developing new products from scratch to completion, getting new strategic partners, improving current procedures to increase revenue, improving customer base, service quality and etc., by watching global trends, carrying out market and competitor’s research, analyzing market requirements. What you will be working on: • Research, source, validate and analyze data to produce insights and recommendations to the business. • Perform thorough analysis on international and regional industry leaders and their best practices. • Monitor emerging business models and other important market trends in e-commerce and adjacent markets across the globe. • Monitor local competitive landscape. • Prepare and propose business cases to the top management based on lessons learnt from researches. • Formulate Go-to-market strategies for entering new markets or launching new business lines. • Work in cross-functional teams with various stakeholders to define, plan, and execute development initiatives.


• B.Sc. or higher in Management, Industrial engineering or related fields (Having MBA or M.Sc. in E-commerce would be an advantage) • Minimum of 2 years of work experience in a medium or large organization in the field of Data analysis, market research, business strategy or business development. • Excellent at visualization and preparing high quality power point presentations. • Advanced English proficiency. • Basic ability to interpret financial statements. • Good Microsoft Excel and SQL knowledge is a plus. • Hardworking • Enthusiastic for learning and self-development

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