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Product Manager

Paya Gorooh Fakher Iranian

TehranPosted 18 hours ago

Job Description

● Holding meetings with different teams in order to receive their needs from organizational products. ● Preparing and formulating the strategy and executive plan of the organizational product. ● Review, modify and optimize organizational processes. ● Customer user experience design in enterprise systems. ● Schematic design of organizational software and systems. ● Present RFP and receive proposals for outsourced products. ● Holding meetings and continuous communication with software implementation teams. ● Prepare, set up and sign a software implementation outsourcing contract. ● Delivery of software systems based on the contract. ● Check and troubleshoot software systems.


General skills: ● Teamwork spirit. ● Having creative thinking. ● Having a systemic vision. ● Basic familiarity with the e-commerce environment. ● Ability to work with software teams. ● The spirit of pursuit and result base attitude. Specialized skills: ● Intermediate familiarity with programming languages. ● Being familiar with Various software framework implementation such as Node.js, React, .NET and etc. ● Experienced in customer journey design. ● Experienced in system process design. ● Experienced in designing swim lane. ● Basic familiarity with Database design. ● Basic familiarity with SEO. ● Basic knowledge of digital advertising. ● Experienced in the initial design of the form and pages (Adobe Sketch, Balsamic Design and etc.) ● Basic knowledge in software UX and design tools.

Job Category

  • Product Development, Research & Development (R&D)

Employment type

  • Full Time

Preferred Educations

  • Computer & Information Sciences
  • Engineering (Industrial)
  • Related educations


  • Manager