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Senior Back-End Developer

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Job Description

Senior back-end developer: - Collaborates with teams of business analysts, product owner, CTO, and fellow developers to produce and maintain a better web-based software. Technical team refers to senior developer for advice on his/her expertise whether in technology, software architecture, design patterns, frameworks, etc. Development: We produce and maintain an enterprise software full of various logical rules and relations each demanding careful attention particularly when new development is attached to the main body. Design: Database and business logic all need careful and professional design. We are going to migrate to new architecture for new generations of the software based on cloud. There is, however, not much place for trial and error. We welcome professionals. Customer Mind: Customer is the boss. And they may demand huge workloads!


Skills: - Highly skilled in ASP-net Core / MVC - Have a good understanding of multi tenancy concepts and cloud based applications - Highly skilled in SQL programming and T-SQL query building - Knowledge of design patterns - Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Character: Excellent analytic skills, a born problem-solver Team oriented and highly collaborative Strong work mindset, willing to go the extra mile when necessary