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Job Description

• Major tasks and responsibilities of position: • To determine the annual objective of the team with the Therapeutic Area Head, to establish and negotiate the quantitative and qualitative objectives with each sales force. To conduct a review of sale figures, especially for the average and weak sales forces; analyze, discuss result and means of improving figures-monthly and trimester listings. • To monitor the representative’s activities through paying calls to physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, etc… together with them & evaluate by mutual field work the representatives’ performance taking into consideration the implementation of company’s policies and marketing code of practice. To analyze the situation in the field (competitors, Competitive Intelligence…) and to take all the initiatives and steps deemed necessary, without delay. To seek agreement with Therapeutic Area Head. • To develop and participate in public relation & scientific activities in collaboration with the sales forces. Congress, seminars to keep in touch with the opinion leader. Motivating field staff by creating a healthy and enjoyable working environment. • To provide assistance to the representatives whenever this is required and handle problems they are not solely capable to solve arise. Monitoring the field force’s achievements for daily, weekly and monthly reports and taking any corrective action required. To determine the number of visits, monthly visits for her team on the basis the average number of visits and to ensure that this is adhered to. To ensure that sales forces correctly complete their, weekly reports. Verify the sales forces reports in relation to adherence to travel schedule, training, controlling the team’s budget and her sales forces expenses once per month. Supervising visits (field accompaniment) in order to offer the most efficient coaching and training .training of sales forces in association with the Therapeutic Area Head, she will determine training projects or request for which external trainer will be required. • Assessing the representatives’ performance and identifying areas where improvement of the representative’s activities might be desired. The SM will conduct a performance evaluation annually (Early-year, mid year-year, End –year) this is the key figure in the SM/ sales Forces collaboration, and determines the professional development of each sales forces for the course of the year. She will also help to develop the team via coaching, support and necessary HR tools like Developmental Dialogues. • Strong relation and follow up with related distributors. Monitor the stock and distribution flow on weekly bases and analyze the monthly reports. • Helping in screening and interviewing, if required, new potential candidates & to maintain secrecy about knowledge and experience affecting the interest of the Scientific Office. • Use the expertise of the medical department to ensure that the team has a high level of knowledge of our products. • To ensure implementation of a proper segmentation and targeting in the new field of Cardiology, constantly monitor, evaluate and update the HCPs databases in the territories or product line under his responsibility including hospitals, health centers, pharmacies & clinics.


• Relevant medical academic education (Pharmacist, M.D.) • Sufficient experience in sales of pharmaceutical market • Market knowledge • The ability to lead people and foster productive team work • Coaching skills • High business ethics

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