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Sales Manager

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Job Description

-Managing the human capital leaded by him/her -Building teams for sales and leading them efficiently -Motivating the staff continuously -Leading and coaching the team in order to amplify the abilities and cover the defects -Detecting the strength and blind points of the team and accomplish the restoration procedure in order to improve the total performance -Planning the targets for each member of the team and managing their performance in frequent times -Planning and handling the human resources and recruiting efficient employees -Distinguishing educational needs of staff -Pointing the targets and planning for short-time and long-time sales rules -Making and keeping the long-term relationships with clients to increase their satisfaction rate -Detecting needs of clients and prepare the solutions to meet them -Making suggests and prospects in order to increase the total amount of sales in market -Managing and controlling the collective order of the team and developing the communication among them -Attending the management meetings and presenting the courses and reports in frequent times to CSO -Checking the requests and mailing the other departments


-Minimum 3 years of experience in leading and managing the sales team -Ability to make a team and manage it in order to achieve the targeted goals -Ability to lead and coach the human capital leaded by him/her -Proficiency of marketing and sales management rules -Ability to handle the marketing and sales debates and discussions -Expertise in marketing competition rules and the competitive advantages of the market -Proficiency of advertising and media management basics and ability to present strategic plans in order to develop the achievements -Adroitness in suggesting and preparing smart solutions to get, attract and maintain the clients -Qualification to consult the business plans and advertisement suggestions -Ability and preparation to work under pressure