RAN Engineer

HiWEB Tehran

Posted 7 months ago

Job Description

- Planning, forecasting and managing RAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN element additions and expansions. - Monitoring and maintaining the utilization on all the interfaces and H/W resources of the RNC & MME. - Planning, dimensioning, redesigning and optimizing LAC/RAC borders. Analyzing CCCH and signaling load to come up - with feasible solutions be it LAC optimization or signaling - Perform and assist RNC internal parameter audit on quarterly basis.


- The radio propagation and signal management. - The radio Access Network architecture, dimensioning, cell planning and network cell integration. - The radio interface channels, main protocols and soft parameters. - The radio interface OSS and measurement performance and KPIs - The Mobile networks technologies (UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, H+, and LTE). - Excellent knowledge of process of the Network Planning and Optimization in a Telecom Operator for 3G and 4G and the constraints related. - Ability to work with many dedicated tools (Planning tool like ASSET, ATOLL, PLANET, AFP, Google earth, map info …). - 3 years previous hands-on engineering and design experience in planning and/or optimization cellular telecommunications systems. -Familiar with Nokia vendors Knowledge 3G and 4G.

Employment type

  • Full Time

Job Category

Employment type:

  • Full Time

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