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Planning Expert

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Job Description

-Customer and Representative Data Analysis -Understand representatives and customers’ needs and present for their satisfaction -Control the customer requests and follow up them -Preparing daily, weekly and monthly basis reports for customer and representative’s related fields -Providing proper reports regarding complaints and issues -Collaborating with other teams to fully resolve any issues regarding the customers -Planning and implementing customer care scenarios aligned with company's strategies -Preparing feed backs regarding issues and proposing new scenarios to increase customer's satisfaction


-Masters university degree in Industrial Engineering (or Management) Commercial Management, MBA, EMBA from reputable universities -Dominating the concepts of market studies, risk studies, feasibility studies -Define KPI, plan and manage their standards -Understanding customer loyalty, tools and models in it -Understanding the concepts of business process analysis -Introduction to the concepts of financial analysis -Familiarity with Internet businesses -Relative familiarity with legal issues -Facing financial situation -Self Motivated -Analytical and critical look -Has a progressive, learning and positive thinking spirit -Strong, effortless and effortless -Good knowledge of Statistical analysis and available tools in this field. -Able to work under high working pressure -Working knowledge of MS Office especially Excel -Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities -Attention to details -Proactive learning -Ideal Age Range: Maximum 29