Planning Expert

Planning Expert

Job Description

-Customer and Representative Data Analysis -Understand representatives and customers’ needs and present for their satisfaction -Control the customer requests and follow up them -Preparing daily, weekly and monthly basis reports for customer and representative’s related fields -Providing proper reports regarding complaints and issues -Collaborating with other teams to fully resolve any issues regarding the customers -Planning and implementing customer care scenarios aligned with company's strategies -Preparing feed backs regarding issues and proposing new scenarios to increase customer's satisfaction


-Masters university degree in Industrial Engineering (or Management) Commercial Management, MBA, EMBA from reputable universities -Dominating the concepts of market studies, risk studies, feasibility studies -Define KPI, plan and manage their standards -Understanding customer loyalty, tools and models in it -Understanding the concepts of business process analysis -Introduction to the concepts of financial analysis -Familiarity with Internet businesses -Relative familiarity with legal issues -Facing financial situation -Self Motivated -Analytical and critical look -Has a progressive, learning and positive thinking spirit -Strong, effortless and effortless -Good knowledge of Statistical analysis and available tools in this field. -Able to work under high working pressure -Working knowledge of MS Office especially Excel -Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities -Attention to details -Proactive learning -Ideal Age Range: Maximum 29

About Company

100-499 employees

Homing is a business looking for real estate offered to the market for a variety of transactions, such as sales and leases. Homing provides the simplest and fastest way for the parties to deal in all parts of the country. Customers can find the search for their properties by using various possibilities, and they absolutely do not pay for their search.

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