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Human Resources Manager

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Job Description

- Analyze and modify compensation and profit policies to create competitive programs in accordance with legal requirements. - Performing the tasks of difficult staff, including dealing with staff shortages, peacekeepers, dismissal and disciplinary management. - Planning and directing new employees to promote a positive attitude toward organizational goals. - Hiring and recruiting staff, interviewing and selecting applicants. - Planning, guidance, supervision and coordination of work of subordinates and employees related to employment, compensation, labor relations and employee relations. - Planning, organizing, directing, controlling or coordinating employee activities, training, or working relationships of an organization. - Compensation Management, Benefits and Performance of Management Systems, and Safety and Recreation Programs. - Current and future staff information about policies, job responsibilities, working conditions, wages, promotional opportunities and employee benefits. - Analyze data and statistical reports to identify and identify the causes of personnel problems and provide recommendations for improving the policies and practices of the staff of the organization. - Preparing and tracking the budget for personnel operations. Maintaining records and collecting statistical reports related to personnel data such as recruitment, transfer, performance evaluation and absenteeism. - Training analysis requires staff development, language training and health and safety programs. - Study rules, arbitration decisions, and collective collection contracts to evaluate industry trends. - Development or management of special projects in areas such as retirement, savings tracking programs, day care and employee awards. - Identify measures or system performance indicators and measures required to improve or modify. Performance relative to system objectives.


- Education: BS or master degree in executive managements, Human resources management Or MBA. - Minimum of 10 years related work experience - Familiar with the principles and methods of recruitment, selection, training, compensation and benefits, staff relations and negotiations, and personnel information systems. - Familiar with Human Resources Software. - Familiar with labor laws - government regulations - Familiar with human behavior and performance; Individual differences in ability, personality and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and evaluating and treating behavioral and emotional disorders. - Familiar with the principles and methods of curriculum and the design of teaching, teaching and training for individuals and groups and measuring the effects of training. - Excellent communication skills.