Embedded C Developer

Embedded C Developer

Job Description

IoT-based smart home products manufacturer, Luxin Tech, is looking for embedded C programmers to join our innovative and highly skilled team to accelerate and broaden our R&D activities through development of our software architecture and embedded platforms. You will be working on cross-functional teams with highly talented engineers, learning from their experiences. Responsibilities and Duties: - Developing code blocks that implement expected functionality for different modules in accordance with a predefined set of interfaces - Working with other members of the R&D team in optimizing the system design for maximum functionality and security - Researching best-practices for implementation of required tasks in embedded systems - Looking for existing solutions which might improve the product portfolio and its operation - Developing and maintaining existing and next generation products focusing on embedded systems, system administration, scalability and performance - Ownership of significant areas of the code for both new feature/functionality development as well as to maintain/redesign of the existing areas of the products - Continuous focus and contribution in the areas of performance, availability & scalability, reliability, and maintainability of the product - Responsible for pre-study to acceptance test for new functionality If selected for this position, you’ll be reporting directly to our CTO. The working hours for full-time employees are Sat-Wed 9:00-18:00, though we are open to flexible hourly times for developers. WE DEVELOP BARE EMBEDDED PRODUCTS, NO R-PIE, NO ARDUINO, DIRECT TO MICROCONTROLLER.


- Extensive experience in embedded C programming - Working knowledge of FreeRTOS is an advantage - Familiarity with Network Protocols would be considered an advantage - Familiarity with software collaboration tools (GitLab) - Strong problem solving and communication skills - Knowledge of ARM architecture and STM32 micro controllers is an advantage - Familiarity with STM Cube MX is an advantage - Knowledge of TCP/IP Networks is an advantage - Familiarity and experience with MQTT protocol is an advantage

About Company

10-49 employees

Luxin Tech is an Iranian IoT company active in design and manufacturing of smart home products. It was founded in 2015 in Amirkabir University of Technology, by graduates of its electrical engineering faculty. Luxin aims to turn smart homes into a mainstream product. We see ourselves as a technology company and plan to become a leading tech brand. We know we can't achieve our goals without the help of talented individuals who like to work in an environment that rewards creativity and cutting edge expertise. So if you think you are a good fit for our team, don't hesitate to apply.

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