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Job Description

■ Responsible for the design, preparation and production of technical documents and two-dimensional and three-dimensional executive plans for mechanics and facilities of construction projects, including residential units, production sheds, office and commercial buildings, and large industrial buildings. ■ Collecting, recording and maintaining the technical and engineering documents of the project and preparing the list of related document. ■ The design projects of Tarmita Novin company are made only for European customers. ■ From this point of view, your speed of action, accuracy and familiarity with international and ISO standards are very important. ■ Familiarity with English is one of the prerequisites for employment at Tarmita Novin. ■ Also, familiarity with the German language will be a prominent point in the recruitment process.


■ Having at least a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering ■ Having at least five years of related work experience in the design of construction facilities ■ Familiarity with piping systems and facilities ■ Proficient in the design standards of fluid mechanics and construction facilities ■ Proficient in ISO standards ■ Proficient in two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and engineering software, including AutoCAD, View, etc ■ Proficient in the water and sewage industry and related standards ■ Proficient in Microsoft Office ■ Familiarity with 3D design and BIM ■ familiarity with the English language ■ A resident of Tehran