Systems and Methods Specialist



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Job Description

● Design and implement organizational processes. ● Optimize organizational processes. ● Plan and quality control. ● Survey and evaluate service effectiveness. ● Design organizational forms and instructions and procedures. ● Organize management system design based on management standards and management models. ● Check and verify management system documentation, including implementation methods, instructions, and forms. ● Facilitate in formulating the strategy and goals of the organization and presenting it to the CEO. ● Cooperate in identifying the risks and opportunities of the management system. ● Monitor the distribution of system documentation to users. ● Hold meetings with related units and collect requirements of the organization regarding software modules. ● Efforts to improve management system processes based on management standards, improvement tools, and engineering. ● Determine the schedule of internal and external audits and evaluations. ● Determine the internal audit and evaluation team. ● Monitor the implementation of management systems in the organization through internal audits. ● Communicate with external certifying and assessment companies to carry out the audit or evaluation process. ● Communicate with suppliers of management consulting services and software. ● Monitor the performance of management consulting and software service contractors. ● Design the organization's self-evaluation process based on the organization's excellence models. ● Cooperate in collecting information needed for self-evaluation and declaration based on excellence models. ● Monitor the audit report or evaluation provided by internal auditors. ● Prepare documents related to organizational process architecture. ● Identify the software needs of users. ● Model and benchmark similar systems and their review. ● Prepare reports along with their analysis to present to the management. ● Investigate corrective action and determine root causes to eliminate non-conformity.


● Fluent in managing business processes. ● Proficient in business process reengineering. ● Fluent in business process architecture. ● Fluent in BPMN2.

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