SOC Level 2 Analyst

Sadad Informatics Corps


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

Sadad Informatics Corps has been established to provide various IT services to Melli Bank. Here at Sadad Informatics Corps, you will experience brand-new challenges. If you are looking for a dynamic environment and care about your self-development, therefore, this position fits you. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Roles: ● Analyze security logs, trace attacks, and report threats. ● Security sensor configuration. ● Integrate organization assets with SIEM. ● Identify current and emerging technology issues including security trends, vulnerabilities, and threats.


● Familiar with different attacks on different layers of standard TCP/IP model. ● Fluent in Log Structure. ● Mastering TCP/IP concepts (Minimum: CCNA level). ● Proficient in SIEM and Log Analysis tools such as Arc Sight, Splunk, and ELK. ● Familiar with the Linux Operating System (LPIC2 level). ● Proficiency in writing Regular Expressions. ● Ability to use scripting to automate Security Operations Center processes. ● Ability to analyze security incidents. ● Proficient in incident handling and incident response. ● Ability to perform multiple tasks. ● Self-study capability and morality. ● Capability of performance management under stressful situations. ● Ability to provide creative solutions. ● Proficient in designing template documentation and technical reports. ● Enough experience in teamwork. ● Ability to collaborate with layer 1 analyst (if needed). ● At least 2 years of experience in cyber security or network security.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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