Senior Full Stack Developer

MATA Business Services


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

If you are interested in programming work in a Canadian company and want to create a resume for yourself in international companies, MATA business has provided you with this opportunity. We are looking for talented and motivated professionals who are committed to their duties. As a full-stack developer, you will lead and support the development of our company's digital products and applications. Your responsibilities are: ● Directing scientific solutions from the beginning to the establishment and monitoring of the model. ● Ensuring best practices for ML model deployment. ● Designing, developing, performing and coordinating complex application programming activities. ● Designing the technical infrastructure for new applications using programming languages and testing methods. ● Managing the team in various stand-ups and agile groups; You correlate development team requirements and standards and investigate production variances by performing root cause analysis; You identify short-term and long-term technical and process solutions; You will also contribute to coding standards and content management best practices, including accessibility standards. ● Applying knowledge of statistics, machine learning, programming, data modeling, simulation, and advanced mathematics to recognize patterns, identify opportunities, pose business questions, and make valuable discoveries that lead to prototype development and product improvement. ● Creating programs in the field of machine learning, deep learning, and statistical models to solve business problems. ● Developing predictive data models, anomaly detection models, quantitative analysis, and visualization of targeted big data sources. ● Leading data exploration and analytics projects and provide ongoing training on big data topics (visualization, data mining, analytical techniques). ● Implementing semantic data capabilities through NLP, text mining, and machine learning techniques. ● Monitoring the collection and receiving of data from structured or even unstructured sources, while ensuring the quality and comprehensiveness of the data. ● Using APIs to collect data from different products in the database and data warehouse.


● More than three years of work experience. ● Experience in Python, Kafka, XML, JSON, and Restful Web services. ● Experience in writing UI Automation and Unit tests. ● Ability to write clear and scalable codes. ● Familiarity with Data Science: Python, SQL, NoSQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analysis, NLP, Image Processing, NLTX, Text Mining, API, Git, and Object-Oriented Design. ● Familiarity with data mining, Web Scraping, Visualization, and analytical techniques. ● Intelligent in the digital field. ● Motivation to achieve collective success. ● Leadership skills. ● Speed and agility. ● Teamwork spirit.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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