Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Sanaye Havaye Feshordeh Imen


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

IMEN Compressed Air Company is looking for someone with the following skills for market development and marketing. If you have the following conditions, we would be honored to send us your resume: Duties: ● Developing marketing strategies and plans based on market characteristics and organizational goals. ● Coordinating and directing marketing activities to promote products or services. ● Implementing the retention marketing program for the customers of the collection. ● Designing, implementing, and evaluating marketing campaigns and data analysis for informed decisions in this regard. ● Estimating costs and potential sales to predict marketing needs. ● Evaluating the financial aspects of products or services, including budgets, costs, investment returns, and profit and loss forecasts. ● Developing pricing strategies to meet market demand and organizational goals.


● Familiarity with SEO and SEM and the optimization process. ● Familiarity with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console tools. ● Familiarity with email marketing services. ● Familiarity with English. ● Mastery of digital campaign design processes. ● Ability to analyze data. ● Familiarity with communication skills. ● Flexible and patient. ● Teamwork spirit.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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