IT Administrator

Ilia steel

Robat Karim

Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

● Provide a list of current software, hardware, and programs being used in the company and update them. ● Make a list of organizations and institutes that provide informatic services and update them. ● Back up software regularly, naming and coding them. ● Control software and hardware regularly, virus detection, defrag and log files. ● Perform software and hardware corrections. ● Find software flaws and report them to the responsible company for utilization. ● Find suitable programs for sections in need. ● Train users and managers on how to use the software effectively. ● Develop space for saving documents and records and observing the procedure. ● Provide software records and update them. ● Categorize accessibility of users. ● Cooperation in controlling the software. ● Create identity profiles for hardware and computers and update them. ● Find defects and repair them. ● Train users about using the computers. ● Develop an internal network. ● Choose a suitable network and install it. ● Back up and support software and hardware. ● Find a suitable internet provider. ● Cooperation in evaluating and choosing appropriate service providers. ● Provide information bank of websites, service providers, and web developers. ● Cooperation in website developers and activating the services. ● Develop email inbox for sections and arrange the delivery and receiving of the emails. ● Perform activities according to the manager. ● Develop solutions for optimization of software, hardware, and internet service. ● Analyze the software requirements using UML. ● Separate internal network from the international network using Firewall. ● Create network security for internet service and user systems using antivirus. ● Develop procedures for network management and security. ● Develop secure infrastructures for remote communications using VPN. Benefits: ● Commute service is provided. ● Lunch is provided. ● Supplementary Insurance is provided from day one.


● Having at least 3 years of experience in related fields. ● One year of experience. ● Bachelor's degree in related fields. ● Certificates and courses about the related position would be a huge benefit. ● Being able to commute to Parand Industrial Town as the workplace. ● Able and eager to learn and make progress.

Employment Type

  • Full Time

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