Foreign Procurement Expert

Masnouat Felezi Sangin (MFS)


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Finding reliable, qualified, and economical sources for the supply of raw materials and components (local and foreign) and enhancing sources for all raw materials. ● Performing sub-vendor evaluation and updating the database of qualified vendors (local and foreign). ● Performing all pre-order activities with official authorities such as the ministry of industry, mining and trades, central bank, and other related organizations and associations. ● Controlling and confirming sub-vendor shipping documents as per contract and LC conditions. ● Preparing online reports on all procurement activities (Pre-P.O., P.O., After P.O.) and reporting all to the procurement manager. ● Negotiating with third-party inspection companies for their scope of work and contractual aspects. ● Complying with the company quality management system ISO 9001:2015. ● Arranging collection of all financial documents and warehouse needs for settlement of payments with sub-vendors, such as PI, commercial invoices, packing list, warehouse receipts, and so on.


● Familiar with customs clearance rules, tariff numbers, HS codes and EPL system, shipping rules and methods. ● Familiar with principles and techniques of negotiations in business, and business correspondence. ● Familiar with order registration. ● Familiar with LC. ● Proficient in English (writing, speaking), especially business correspondence. ● Ability to work with MS Office. ● Good knowledge of contract provisions and preparation.

Employment Type

  • Full Time


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