Financial Manager

Arzesh Afarinan Fadak


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

Would you like to be a member of this big family? Read the job description below and send us your resume if it matches your skills. ● Providing financial reports, and supervising the preparation and adjustment of financial statements and financial reports of the organization. ● Preparing documents and maintaining and updating financial information. ● Supervising and implementing tax affairs. ● Receiving financial reports from units, projects, and other managements. ● Classifying, monitoring, and controlling accounts. ● Planning in order to analyze the balance sheet, profit and loss, and statement of resources and expenses. ● Planning and controlling items in order to manage the assets and working capital of the company and provide the credit required by different units based on the annual budget. ● Forecasting, planning, and presenting the periodic budget of the company based on the announced plans, projects, orders, and needs of different units and the announced strategy. ● Evaluating systems, methods, and assumptions related to financial affairs and announcing the strengths and weaknesses of the existing implementation methods, and providing suggestions for corrections. ● Supervising the work of accountants.


● Responsible. ● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Finance or Accounting. ● Ability to be financially accountable to internal managers, shareholders, managers, and consultants of the organization. ● Ability to communicate constructively with all organizations and companies on the accounting side. ● Ability to communicate accounting challenges and create sound financial processes. ● Proficient in tax laws, insurance, and labor laws. ● Proficient in preparing basic financial statements. ● Proficient in accounting standards. ● Proficient in profit and loss reports.

Employment Type

  • Full Time



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