Design and Planning Algorithm Engineer

Software Motion Engineering Services Company


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Develop and verify decision-making planning algorithms in structured/unstructured full-scenario automatic driving/automatic flight solutions. ● Support mainline R&D and mass production project decision-making planning algorithm delivery tasks to create products with the ultimate user experience. ● Design and implement decision-making planning algorithm architecture, standardization of engineering software, and improvement of quality and efficiency. ● Efficient automated algorithm development iterative tool design and implementation, high-accuracy algorithm evaluation system construction.


● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Engineering, Automation, Automobile, Aviation, or other related fields. ● Familiar with typical automatic driving system architecture or robot system, proficient in decision-making, planning, and control-related algorithms, understanding its advantages and disadvantages and applicable scenarios. ● Knowledge of convex optimization, and numerical optimization. ● Knowledge of dynamic programming, A*, D*, HybridA*. ● Knowledge of POMDP/MDP-based approaches. ● Knowledge of probabilistic graphic models, including factor graphs, bayesian networks, and conditional random fields. ● Familiar with basic robot system software development tools (Linux, Git, ROS, gdb) and methods (OOP, unit testing, CI/CD). ● Proficient in C/C++ programming and common data structure algorithms. ● Understand deep learning and reinforcement learning-related theories. ● Those who have read multiple open-source libraries or have written their own trajectory planning-related libraries are preferred.

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