Control Algorithm Engineer

Software Motion Engineering Services Company


Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

● Responsible for the development of flight control and navigation systems, research and implementation of navigation, guidance, and flight control algorithms, as well as code writing, improvement, and flight control parameter optimization. ● Responsible for digital simulation and semi-physical simulation of the flight control system, as well as system testing and product test flight, making necessary parameter adjustments and design optimization according to the flight test situation. ● Guide the design of flight control hardware and ground station software, and propose improvement suggestions for the design or selection of ground station software, flight control, and avionics system hardware.


● Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Engineering, Automation, Aviation, or other related fields. ● Familiar with control system frequency domain design method, control system stability, and robustness analysis method, digital system modeling method, and design method. ● Knowledge of drones and aircraft. ● Familiar with the open-source code of Ardupilot or Pix4. ● Proficiency in signal processing-related knowledge, in-depth understanding of digital signal frequency domain analysis, and digital filter design. ● Proficiency in dynamic modeling methods of control systems, experience in system identification, and application to controller design.

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