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Human Resources Manager

Sefr Ta Sad Tejarat Iranian (0 up to 100) Tehran

Posted a day ago

Job Description

a person who could mange performance management works like evaluating personnel in their workplace, teaching, knowing about work rules, and could motivating workers in their workplace, and being creative.


If you will have the qualification for this job position, you will become one of our important teammate in our progressive team environment: -Having at least 5 years of human resource management experience -Being fluent in all methods and processes of human and administrative resources (recruitment, employment, motivation, selection and human resources capture) - Being fluent in evaluating employee performance and arranging contracts -Being fluent in the rules of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security - Being Fluent in creating organizational policies, regulations and and overseeing their proper implementation - Capable of strategic human resource planning - Supervision of all cleaning services, security, welfare, property maintenance, repair of machinery, equipment and - Being able in communication skills and organizational behavior -Being able to implement personnel training programs and hold common intra-organizational courses - Being fluent in the implementation of the job classification scheme - Legitimate, responsible and capable

Job Category

  • HR, Recruitment & Performance Management

Employement type:

  • Full Time


  • Human Resource Management


  • Manager