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Systems and Methods Engineer

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Job Description

• Reporting quality of performance • Assessing probable problems • Review and reengineering of work processes • Analysis and documentation of processes • Design and update of organizational structure and job description • Design of salary payment systems • Development of training programs for employees • Design and implementation of production planning system • Design and implementation of repair & maintenance systems • Design of Management Information System • Monitor the implementation of ERP • Design and implementation of inventory control & planning system • Design and implementation of systems for evaluation of employees and the organization performance • Implementing standards and models for organizational progress • Carrying out other tasks assigned by superiors in the field of organizational duties


• Skillfulness in collecting and documenting business processes • Optimizing enterprise processes and fluent in process modeling • Ability to design forms and instructions as well as other organizational processes needed • Proficiency in principles and rules of designing an organizational structure • High knowledge & skill in BPMS • Familiarity with Models and Standards in Industry excellence • General knowledge of IT management and software development • Understanding the methods for determining quality indicators of processes and their automatic measurement (through relevant tools) • Understanding requirements of ISO9001: 2015 • Familiarity with Planning and Quality Control • Familiarity with surveys and assessment of effectiveness of service • Having an entrepreneurial vision and familiarity with principles of marketing • Ability of leading and guiding a team • Ability to solve problems • Ability to work in challenging environments • Knowledge of strategic management and marketing principles • Ability to create and participate in workgroups