Rock Analysis Specialist

Rock Analysis Specialist

Job Description

Participating in all special or routine laboratory tests Recording and collecting the received data from the lab Using test methods and calibration procedures Using approved maintenance and displacement procedures Controlling the quality of raw materials according to the quality plan Maintaining the equipment according to classified executive procedures Performing the internal calibration Performing middle control of equipment calibration Cooperating in inter-laboratory comparisons Participating to purchase needed items Participating in the Night shift for performing tests Cooperating in saturating samples Cooperating in reservoir water supply Validating the saturated samples by cooperation the senior lab specialist


Familiar with basic concepts in oil engineering Familiar with basic concepts in rock analysis Familiar with process of doing and how to conduct special tests Ability to analyze oil data obtained from experiments

This position is no longer available.

About Company

100-499 employees

MAPSA was established in 1999 as a private company in Iran providing a unique competitive edge in the field of project management consultancy concerning industrial projects. Our core engineering team consists of highly qualified engineers averaging at least 20 years of experience in various industrial projects such as Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, Stations and power industries. Our broad based technical expertise allows us to provide a full suite of professional services for your industrial needs. Continuous growth and extensive project experience in gaseous fuels guarantees us to be a pioneer consulting firm in this field across Iran. The main objective of MAPSA, is to maintain the growth and elevation in efficient and beneficial ways in order to create constructive careers in various industries, projects, of Improve Oil Recovery (IOR), in petrochemical industries, oil & gas industrie...

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