Quality Control Expert - Hashtgerd

Quality Control Expert - Hashtgerd

Job Description

- Inspecting Food Safety and Quality Issues. - Identify quality problems or areas for improvement and recommend solutions. - Communicate quality control information to all relevant organizational departments. - Identify critical points in the manufacturing process and specify sampling procedures to be used at these points. - Communicating with QC Manager regarding to Quality and Food Safety issues. - To ensure the analytical/microbiology laboratories and Incoming Inspection are in operation mode to support Production and the release of product. - To ensure all raw materials are received, inspected, sampled, and disposition according to procedure. - Direct inspection and testing personnel to promote effective control of processes and products . - Devise ways of improving the manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality goods. - Undertaking and monitoring good performance, monitoring and product measurements according to control plans.


- Previous experience: 5 years of experience in food industries - Good Communications skills - Hardworking and initiative - Expert in food industry science - Capable of working in night and day shift - Master degree in Food science

About Company

500 employees or more

Parand chocolate company, enjoying European knowledge, technology and modern machineries and using the highest quality raw materials and packaging, tries to deliver the highest quality products to esteemed customers. This company produces and delivers the following products in various flavours and packages with Farmand trademark. Simple and center filled chocolates Cocoa cream Dragee and Chocosmart- Ice cream Coating-Chocolate for centre filled cake Candy toffee -Ready jelly Drink and jelly powder. Optimizing the efficacy and quality, Parand chocolate Co. strives to satisfy regulatory requirement and to comply wide segments of society by manufacturing different products. Parand chocolate company is one of the biggest producers of confectionary and chocolate in Iran at the present time.

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