QC Manager

QC Manager

Job Description

Objective of the role: Plan, Direct or Coordinate Quality Assurance programs. Formulate quality control policies and control quality of laboratory and production efforts.. List of Responsibilities: 1. Collect and analyze production samples to evaluate quality . 2. Analyze quality control test results and provide feed back and interpretation to production management or staff. 3. Stop production if serious product defects are present. 4. Periodic testing of product admixtures, evaluation of the output product quality and analyze extracting data. 5. Periodically auditing production processes and provide appropriate solutions for production to reduce or eliminate deviations. 6. Timely implementation of equipment calibration, measurement and test in production process and quality control. 7. Monitoring and measuring raw materials and products. 8. Responsible for quality assurance of raw materials and quality assurance of semi-manufactured goods. 9. Perform test and measure the product. 10.Collect information, monitor and measure the product and analyze it 11. Responsible for certifying the quality of finished products and packaging materials. 12. Implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC). 13. Research for accessing the latest inspection standards and sampling plans for their use in the organization. 14. Controlling tools and equipment at specified times and sending lab instruments and equipment for calibration. 15. Responsible for supervising the quality control laboratory and the laboratory equipment and instruments . 16. Training personnel in quality affairs. 17. Responsible for carrying out disciplines of the factory personnel's dress in cooperation with the production manager. 18. Carry out all responsibilities assigned by the Factory Manager. 19. Responsible for controlling and updating quality assurance certificates. 20. Monitor performance of quality control systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. 21. Communicate quality control information to all relevant organizational departments, outside vendors or contractors .. Reporting to: Factory Manager. Subordinates: No Subordinates. Length of Probation Period: 1 Month. Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday: 07:00 to 15:00 - Thursday : 07:00 to 11:00. Travel requirements: No.


University Qualifications: BSc in Industrial Engineering / BSc in Chemical Engineering . Nature and length of previous experience: 3- 5 Years of Experience.. Specialist knowledge: 1- Fluent in English Language . 2- Highly skilled in ICDL software knowledge.. Soft Skills and Personality traits: 1- Ability to work as a team member. 2- Excellent in Communication Skills 3- Having professional Judgement and Decision making. 4- Active Listener. 5- Monitoring /Assessing performance

About Company

100-499 employees

Sanaye Plastic Khouzestan is the leading manufacturer of disposable packaging products for food service and consumer products in Iran. Established in 1983, the company has emerged as a market leader in this field with a long history of commitment to premium quality and known for its originality and innovation. Sanaye Plastic Khouzestan is now a trusted name in plastic food and non-food packaging.

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