Production Planning Supervisor

Job Description

Summery Tasks: 1.Distribute production schedules or work orders to departments. 2.Review documents, such as production schedules, work orders, or staffing tables, to determine personnel or materials requirements or material priorities. 3.Requisition and maintain inventories of materials or supplies necessary to meet production demands. 4.Arrange for delivery, assembly, or distribution of supplies or parts to expedite flow of materials and meet production schedules. 5.Confer with department supervisors or other personnel to assess progress and discuss needed changes Work Activities: 1.Getting Information: Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources. 2.Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates: Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person. 3.Interacting with Computers — Using computers and computer systems (including hardware and software) to program, write software, set up functions, enter data, or process information. 4.Making Decisions and Solving Problems: Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems. 5.Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings: Monitoring and reviewing information from materials, events, or the environment, to detect or assess problems. 6.Provide information to coworkers. 7.Read work orders to determine material or setup requirements. 8.Order materials, supplies, or equipment. 9.Coordinate operational activities. 10.Confer with coworkers to coordinate work activities. 11.Telephone: 91% responded “Every day.” 12.Contact with Others: 77% responded “Constant contact with others.” 13.Face-to-Face Discussions: 76% responded “Every day.” 14.Work With Work Group or Team: 79% responded “Extremely important.” 15.Electronic Mail: 78% responded “Every day.”


Technology Skills: 1.Data base user interface and query software: Hamkaran System 2.Analytical or scientific software: Office 3.Materials requirements planning logistics and supply chain software: Bill of lading software;Office;Hamkaran systems Skills & Abilities: 1.Production and Processing: Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture and distribution of goods. 2.Administration and Management: Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources. 3.Mathematics: Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications. 4.English Language: Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar. 5.Oral Comprehension: The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences. 6.Oral Expression: The ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand. 7.Written Comprehension: The ability to read and understand information and ideas presented in writing. 8.Problem Sensitivity: The ability to tell when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem. 9.Near Vision: The ability to see details at close range (within a few meter of the observer). Education & Performance: Min Bachelor's degree of industrial Eng. With a work experience at least 5 years Age: Max 31

About Company

100-499 employees

Zarin Jam Marina Company was established in 2008. Production process was started in 2012 in order to establish a Factory with more than one hundred thousand square meter area in Kaveh Industrial City. This company is playing an important role in Irans food industries by producing different juices and fruit nectars which equipped by modern production line technologies. This company is producing pasteurized and homogenized natural fruit juices in 200ml, 200ml (pulp juice), 240ml (pulp juice) and 1liter packages with 24 different flavors and also fruit syrup in 2kg, 3kg and 780gr and so on Either this company is providing high quality products for local and international markets to cover all the demands. Zarin Jam Marina Co. (with SunStar brand) is using high tech automatic machineries and commercial designs to supply high quality products. Also using an equipped laboratory is a mandat...

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