Plant Manager Gostaresh Paya Sanat Sina (Sinapad)

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Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Plant Manager for Tire Manufacturing. Management and coordination of production and organization process. Review programs and process tables and production orders for decision making according to the different requirements of the production line, manpower, work processes, and district duties according to the budget and time specified. Operational review with the meaning of technical and administrative documents for solving process or production problems. Development and implementation of production process and quality control system, analysis of production reports, repairs and other operational reports to protect production problems. Employee recruitment, training or dismissal, conflict solving and questioning personnel. Participation in the formulation and control of production standards, testing of raw material samples, and conducting tests during the process to ensure that the product manufactured is based on agreed quality. Preparation of production reports and personnel records. Coordinating and proposing procedures for the maintenance and repair of tools and facilities for production and any changes including the replacement of machinery. Introducing and coordinating planning for controlling costs and raw materials. Establishment of employee participation system and collecting and reviewing suggestions.


Minimum Degree: Bachelor of Chemical or Mechanical Engineering. Minimum relevant work experience: 10 years. Required knowledge: Production and process of converting raw materials to the final product. Mechanical mechanics and tools such as design, use and maintenance. Mathematical knowledge, statistics, accounts, equations and related formulas. Administrative and administrative issues; Principles of management and business in strategic planning, allocation of different resources, manpower, leadership techniques, production methods and coordination of individuals and resources. Teaching the principles and methods of professional design and education, teaching individuals and groups and measuring the effectiveness of training. Customer service Knowledge of the principles and process of providing services to customers such as customer needs assessment, compliance of these services with quality standards and customer satisfaction measurement. Design knowledge required for design techniques, tools and principles that are used in the production of correct technical plans, drawings, drawings, and models. Skills needed: Synchronize. Logical reasoning and reasoning for the heavy weight of the strengths and weaknesses of different alternatives, results and approach to the problem Control and evaluate your performance, others, organization to improve and perform corrective action. Personnel management in terms of motivation, development and coaching of individuals and turning them into the most suitable options for a job. Time management and prioritization of affairs. Listening actively with full attention to what people say. Talking and speaking in order to transfer information optimally. Learning actively to understand the effect of new information to solve current and future issues and make decisions. Solving complex issues: Defining complex issues and reviewing relevant information and evaluating options and implementing solutions. Judging and Deciding: Considering the cost and benefits of any potential action to choose the right item.

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