Operation Director

Kharazmi Educational Institute Tehran

Posted a month ago

Job Description

• An operation director has the responsibility of all performances in a firm such as negotiations, funding, and purchasing. He conducts all the systems and processes which an organization applies daily. Particularly, he has the skills of strategically assembling long term operations and attempting to cooperate with the managing director to achieve the ultimate aims of the firm. Ideally, these leaders monitor all the documents of the administrative operations to make sure there is an enduring and effective functioning with generating and productivity in the organization. some prior appellations for an operation director were operation analyst and production director. Purposes of this role are as the following: 1.collaboration with managing director in the operating levels to expand long term operating purposes and projects 2.To augment productivity by analyzing work processes 3.To prescribe strategic purposes to enhance the productivity of operations and the productivity of staffs 4.Collaborating with project directors in transcribing the financial programs 5.Analyzing the operation processes and current performances. In pinch, offering some solutions to improve Daily and monthly responsibilities: 1.Expanding, implementing, supervising, analyzing standards for daily operations that produce our goals, developments, and obstacles to providing our ultimate goals. 2.Dealing with all manager directors, partnerships, contractors, and sellers to decide about operational activities and strategic planning and sustaining those decisions as well. 3.Planning, supervising, analyzing standards for daily operations to make sure that tasks are done properly and on time 4.Strategically compiling to make sure that the institutional far-reaching plans have improved, identifying and operating those processes that extended outputs and decreases have cost. 5.Compiling the institutional standards and policies 6.Capable of collaboration with the human resource for leading, approaching, and fostering trust


Skills: 1.MBA or relevant degree 2.More than 10 years of experience as a leader in related areas 3.Being knowledgeable in the performance and operational methods of projects such as finance, customer service, producing products and directing the employees 4.The approved capability of programming and managing processes for maximum productivity and a decline in costs 5.Potential of simplification and operating structures and new tasks that cause acceleration institute and increases efficiency 6.Robust knowledge about the educational industry and services Prefer qualifications: 1.Having experience in expanding the institute, budget planning, and activity in start-up companies 2.The approved ability to generate innovative solutions to enhance productivity 3.Having superior institutional, communication, and leadership skills that are approved by the previous company 4.Knowledge of analyzing data by different programs such as CRM, ERP, SAP

Job Category:

Employement type:

Full Time

Job Category:

Employement type:

Full Time

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