Induction Furnance Supervisor Foolad Kavir Damqan

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Induction Furnance Supervisor

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Job Description

•Main Objective: Supervises and follow-up the operation of induction furnace for metals processing. Ensures proper operation of induction furnace and casting processes, as well as understanding instrumentation interfaces, including valves, thermocouples, pumps, power supplies, and heating elements. •Main Responsibilities: -Supervision of operation, and control of induction melting furnaces -Guide and monitor the operators in observing and recording data, using various instruments, such as power frequency control -Maintain, rebuild and/or reline pouring pots and refractory -Guides the operator in differentiating and identifying materials; identify, separate, weigh and make proper disposition of good and scrap material and keep appropriate records -Supervision in handling equipment such as overhead cranes -Inspects refractory condition -Follow up operation plan and consumables -Supervision of operation and maintenance. Also, operation control (power consumption, water, refractory) -HSE supervision and follow up emergency protocol in case of failure and breakdown


-Bachelor’s Degree or Technical Diploma with equivalent years of experience -Over 7 year’s relevant experience preferred. Preference will be given to candidates with a background in manufacturing, casting, and induction furnace -Ability to work with precision and hand tools and possess a working knowledge of more complex equipment and machinery -Ability to use instruments such as power control system and cranes -Prior manufacturing plant experience – ability to work in a high temperature environment -Good command of English Language (both oral & written) is a plus -Gender Preference: Male