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HR Manager

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Job Description

•Main Objective: The HR Manager will be responsible for providing full human resources generalist support to the office/plant. The functions covers mainly but not limited to Design & Development of Company Policies & Procedures, Setting up Departmental Workflows & KPIs, Manpower Planning, Recruitment & Induction, Training & Development, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Rewards & Recognition, strategic management, Employee Relation, Industrial Relations, Compensation & benefits, change management, Employee Engagement, Budgeting and Cost Control, Providing innovative ideas to the management for the cost reduction, Co-ordination for the best HSE management, Employee Health & Hygiene, Waste/Effluent Disposal management & Good Housekeeping & Gardening within the premises. The HR Manager is to make sure that every employee’s JD & KPIs in its place and it is being reviewed periodically to drive them to achieve organizational Goals & Objectives. *Key Responsibilities and Duties: •Human Resource Management: -Implementing functional best practices to focus on development of abilities to meet present & future goals set by the organization; implementing innovative Personnel & HR policies / procedures. -Interfacing with Management & Heads of Department to implement HR policies for effective management & development of human capital across the organization. •Design, Development & Implementation of Company Policies & Procedures: -Designing the company policy and procedure as per the business needs. -Development in the existing policy & procedure due to the change in the local laws, work requirements, statutory compliances. -Implementing the policy & procedures across the organization and making sure that there is no deviation on the same. •Setting up Departmental Workflows, SOPs & KPIs: -Making sure that every department is having their workflows for all the tasks. -Identifying, with the help of HODs, the KPIs for the employees and reviewing the same periodically. -Revision of targets for KPIs as per the past history of achievements. -Making sure that all functional SOPs are in place with various departments. •Performance Management: -Ensuring timely completion of custom made appraisal system to manage post-counselling operations; standardizing performance measurement parameters & undertaking periodical compensation survey. -Implementing Performance Management System across levels to substantiate performance appraisal linked to reward management; creating a healthy culture by developing Performance Review Model for performers & non-performers. •Manpower Planning & Recruitment: Planning human resource requirements, as per the existing vacancies or for future projects, in consultation with heads of different functional & operational areas, taking approval from the management and conducting selection interviews accordingly •Training & Development: Creating & sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities & motivates high performance amongst team members; imparting continuous on-job training to accomplish greater operational efficiency. Analyzing the training needs; taking decisions & getting approval from management, on who should conduct training, why a program is seen as recommended solution to a problem and history of organization regarding employee training •Employee Engagement: Formation of committee to oversee the employee engagement through cultural, sports fest and working closely to prepare plan and budget for the same. Obtaining approval from the management for its execution •Rewards & Recognition: Making sure that employee Rewards & Recognition is in place to increase individual employee productivity, Employee Satisfaction & Enjoyment of work, highly loyalty, retention, fewer accidents, lower negative effects to avoid absenteeism and reduce stress •Change Management: Preparing the action plan & assessment for the change of the system from old to new •Budgeting & Cost Control:Preparing the HR Budget and controlling the cost as per the budget. •Co-ordination for the Best HSE Management •Industrial Relations: Supporting the change process, conducting analysis of unit / organizational issues, recognizing key stakeholders and rendering team facilitation for progress of change effort •Compensation & Benefits: Implementing remuneration & reward systems set by the management to maximize performance •Employee Relation & Attrition Management: Designing the proactive retention strategies for top talent •Succession Planning: -Making sure that every critical position is having 2nd line to protect business interest. -Development plan for 2nd line staff to enhance the capability to take charge of all assignments, in case of leave/exit of key employee. •Statutory Compliances: -Preparing the new licenses & renewal process & applying as per the provision of the law -Making compliance for the statutory provisions applicable for the Office/Factory -Updating & monitoring the database for the statutory compliance •Internal & External Audit Compliances: Facing the Internal & External Audits •General Administration


-Bachelor's or Master Degree in Human Resource Management or Business Administration -Minimum 10 - 15 years’ experience in related areas -Excellent knowledge of MS office -English proficiency (writing, listening, speaking and reading) -Preferably experienced in developing sales team supported by marketing team -High level of personal motivation and an ability to work on their own initiative -Understanding of difference and diversity, to respect individuals and keep necessary confidentiality -Highly organized and action orientated -Ability to focus on key objectives and work within specific time frames -Understanding of the need to promote a company people orientated culture -Ideal age: 45 - 55