Head of R&D (Firoozkouh) Tehran Govar (Jojo)

  • Full Time

  • Tehran

      -   Firoozkouh

Posted 6 months ago

Job Description

- The objective of the role: To lead all research and development processes and projects. - List of responsibilities: (1) Leading R&D department and subordinates. (2) Preparing, updating and modifying all production recipes and formulas and aligning with all related departments. (3) Regular monitoring of products cost-in-use and leading initiatives for controlling costs in parallel with quality consistency. (4) Designing, following and implementing new product development projects. (5) Problem-solving continues quality or production issues in alignment with the factory team. (6) Communicating and managing required relations with stakeholders, supervisory bodies and others in line with the company's technical needs. (7) Optimizing the process, production, and formulation. (8) Participating actively in continues improvement initiatives. - Reporting to: Factory Manager. - Length of Probation Period: 3 months. - Working hours: Saturday to Wednesday from 08:00 to 17:00 - Thursday 08:00 to 13:00. - Gross Monthly Base Salary: Negotiable.


- University Qualifications: MSc. Food Science or Chemical Engineering. - Nature and length of previous experience: Minimum 4 years experience in related industries. - Specialist knowledge: Recipe management, new product development, MS office. - Soft Skills and Personality traits: Leadership ability, good communication skills, team working.