Head of Quality Assurance - Karaj

Head of Quality Assurance - Karaj

Job Description

• Planning and overseeing the implementation of periodic additive, evaluation of output quality. • Planning and implementation of the periodicity of production processes and providing appropriate solutions for production to reduce or eliminate deflections in the processes. • Undertaking and monitoring good performance, monitoring and product measurements according to control plans • Grounding, planning and monitoring the implementation of statistical control of processes • Analysis of customer complaints and products returned to them to root out and eliminate their causes. • Check for non-conformities observed in products and perform corrective actions and violations. • Participation in the Quality Management Committee. • Design and monitoring of quality management system. • Approve and monitor the implementation of all methods of execution and the flow of new methods • Continuous improvement and help units to achieve this goal. • Monitor the performance and effectiveness of management review and follow-up meetings. • Planning and conducting internal audits and preparation for a variety of audiences. • Perform procedures for document and document control.


• At least 3 years of relevant work experience • Being fluent in quality management issues and systems and regulatory requirements of organizations (ISO) • Mastering documenting and documenting • Full Introduction to the Integrated Management System (IMS) • Mastering the computer and the Internet and related software such as Office and MSP • Confidence and decision-making power • Succession skills • Ability to perform product admiration • Internal Audit Capacity • Working knowledge of English

About Company

500 employees or more

Rezvan chocolate (baraka), a private joint stock company is one of the main player in Iran chocolate Market. We are looking for the people who think everything can be done in a better way.

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