Full-stack Developer

Full-stack Developer

Job Description

We are looking for Full Stack Developer who are agile, resourceful and fast learners. In purpose for: Analyzing, designing, programming, debugging, and modifying software enhancements and/or new products used in local, networked, or Internet- related computer programs, primarily for end users. Using current programming language and technologies, Generating code, completes programming, and performs testing and debugging of applications. Completes documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance. Key accountability: - Supporting software. - Generating computer programming code. - Collaborating with others to resolve information technology issues.


Technical skills and experiences required: - BS/MS degree in Computer Science / Engineering. - Proven skill in: ASP.Net MVC/ C#/ SQL Server/JavaScript/Entity frame work - Experience with testing frameworks - Proper analytical and reasoning skills. - Minimum 2 years related work experiences. Personal and interpersonal Skills: - Teamwork skills - works well with other.

About Company

100-499 employees

Hesab Rayan Pars Software Company by relying more than 17 years on peculiar experiences and taking advantages from more than 127 expert, specialist and engaged human powers is active in the field of producing comprehensive financial and administrative ERP software and enjoys the number one grade in the Irans Informatics High Council ranking. At present , its our much honors to announce Hesab Rayan Co. owns more than 1800 customers in different fields and the municipals of 12 provinces centers accompanied with their all areas , dependent organizations ,some banks , financial and credit institutes ,some big and small private and governmental companies , dealers and trading centers are using and applying Hesab Rayan Softwares. Gaining the customers satisfaction besides enhancing their contentment is the highest target of Hesab Rayan Co. and always attempts continuously to upgrade the qua...

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