Foreign Purchasing Specialist

Foreign Purchasing Specialist

Job Description

- Research and evaluate suppliers and negotiation with them. - Sourcing to find new sources and development of supply chain. - Compare prices, specifications, and delivery dates to determine the best bid among potential suppliers. - Purchase order preparation and placing order to suppliers. - Handle all necessary documentation from Performa Invoice to shipping documents and logistic issues. - Getting necessary documents from related company for registration in MOH. - Prepare documents for import license (MOH & MOC). - Being up to date of current laws, regulations and anticipate changes if required in working areas (such as import and custom affairs). - Minimize risk by ensuring alternative sources of supply for critical items.


Applicants must: - Fluent in English and Excellent oral / written communication skills - Experienced in foreign commercial - University degree requires. - Have a good Command of Computer Skills (MS-Office, Photoshop, Outlook, and Internet) - Minimum 2 years' experience in the field of procurement - Talented at negotiation, bargain prices and networking - Self-disciplined, diligent, teamwork - BA/MSc in Commercial management is a plus - Ideal Age: 28-38 - Current residence: West Tehran

About Company

10-49 employees

Nikan Pharmed Mehr, taking advantage of high experience with the pharmaceutical field in Iran, specializes in registration, importation, production and sales & marketing. It was established in 2013 based on modern attitude to new private section in the Iranian pharmaceutical marketplace, and as a private company, it was designed to fill the existing professional gaps to reach international pharma industry standards. At this time, Nikan Pharmed Mehr with different international pharma partners from Switzerland, UK, Czech Republic and Poland tends to shortlist, register, introduce and market new medicines to the Iranian medical society. We are privileged with a very knowledgeable R&D team to evaluate and serve the market demands. Our long-term accomplishment is founded on meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders: our clients, our business partners, our employees, our shareholders a...

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