Financial Manager

Financial Manager

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Our company manages a chain of restaurants and has a "Central Production Unit" or the "Main Kitchen", 4 active branches, 2 branches under construction and plans to increase the number of branches to 10. We need a financial manager to oversee and manage all financial, accounting and administration related aspects of the "Company", the "Central Kitchen" and all branches, including dealing with the Social Security Organization and the Tax Authorities. Moreover, the financial manager should setup and manage the Warehouse (in coordination with the Planning Manager) and cater to all accounting aspects of it. There is a warehouse for the so-called DRY ITEMS and another one for food products and both types of material are distributed daily to branches.


- A financial manager with minimum 10 years of experience. - Experience in Food and Beverage Business is a plus, otherwise a person with a history in Production and Industrial accounting is preferred. - The candidate should be familiar and have experience with warehousing and its accounting and financial requirements. - The candidate should be up to date about all Tax and Social Security related matters and should have the ability to help us manage our relationships with these organization (within the limits of law).

About Company

50-99 employees

Kamran food arts (KFS), is a young company in the field of F&B in the Iranian market. Company currently own and operates see real branches of maya restaurants, a tex mex concept, in Tehran.

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